5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Course Creator Pro

As an Online Entrepreneur, I’ve invested in many online courses over the years.

Course Creator Pro is among the best courses I’ve ever enrolled in, and today I’m going to share the top 5 things to know before buying Course Creator Pro.

Thing #1: It Takes Hard Work

Course Creator Pro does an excellent job at laying out every step in an easy to follow way, but making it happen it up to you.

If you have the drive, commitment, or passion to follow along and put in the work, you will see some big returns. However, if you’re one to get started and not finish a job, then this course will be too much for you.

If you enroll, you have to be committed to following through to make it happen.

Thing #2: It’s a Business Expense

Not many people realize that ongoing education is a business expense.

If you have a business entity setup for your entrepreneurial ventures, you can write off the course as a tax deduction.

Assuming an 30% average tax rate, the true cost of the course will drop from $997 down to $698.

Just like that, you save about $300 that you otherwise would have paid in taxes.

Thing #3: Private Facebook Group

The 8+ hours of content in Course Creator Pro is packed with valuable, step-by-step, information, however the Private Facebook Group is a hidden gem.

By enrolling in Course Creator Pro, you get a password that grants you lifetime access to the Private Facebook Group as well.

This group is only offered to students of Course Creator Pro, and it’s amazing.

Each person has paid the enrollment fee of the course, so they are not in the group to mess around. They mean business and you can learn a ton from the conversations that are happening daily in the group.

This group, hands down, is the best place to ask questions and get real answers about selling online courses.

Don’t underestimate the value of this private group.

Thing #4: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

There is no debating that $997 is expensive.

When I enrolled in Course Creator Pro, I had full intentions of using the 30-day money back guarantee if I was not 100% satisfied with my purchase.

After bingeing through the course to get an idea of the content quality, I was blown away.

I actually couldn’t believe it. I remember texting my friends to say how good the material was.

There are 3 parts to this that deserve to be included here.

First, the production quality is very professional (video is crystal clear, audio is studio quality, and the on-screen explainer graphics are top-notch).

Second, the material covered in the course is rich with value, straight to the point, and easy to follow. They even include real life examples to support their recommendations.

Third, within the 30-day period I had made over $6,000 in sales from following the course recommendations step-by-step (not bad for a $997 investment).

Thing #5: It Will Save You Money/Time

I know it sounds counterintuitive to say that spending $997 on an online course will save you money/time, but it’s very true.

Let’s start with saving money first.

There are many places in the course that this becomes evident, but primarily it’s the Facebook Advertising section that saved me the most money personally.

In this section of the course, they show you their Facebook Advertising account (with over $500,000 spent on ads) and they show you what works the best.

They compare their previous/current ads to each other to show you what style/copy/colors/targeting converts the best.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads in the past and while watching this section of the course, I made changes to my ads on the spot.

Learning from their mistakes, and trial-and-error, allows you to skip those mistakes for yourself and optimize your ads on the spot!

Now let’s talk about how the course saves you time.

Creating and selling online courses required a few crucial pieces of equipment and software.

There are a ton of options out there, but how do you know which ones to choose?

This is where Course Creator Pro comes in again. They recommend to top gear and software for each budget, and explain why it is the best.

This saves you from doing hours of research and the risk of buying something that doesn’t work optimally.


If you’re a go-getter than you need to go get this course.

I personally stand behind this course and I agree with the other students saying the course over-delivers.

If you want to start bingeing the content, you can join Course Creator Pro now.

Ps. If you join, I’ll see you in the Private Facebook Group.

Not ready to enroll? You can start with their Free 1-Hour Course Creator Pro Training.


Hi, I'm Greg. In May of 2019, I bought Course Creator Pro to grow my business. Ever since then, I've been testing the course material and successfully creating, and selling, online courses. I've learned from real-life experience what works and what doesn't. This is the site where I share everything I've learned.

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