Course Creator Pro: Free 1-Hour Training

So you’re thinking about buying Course Creator Pro by Parker and Dakota Walbeck?

Good, because the course is one of the best courses I’ve ever bought.

Not ready to spend $997 yet?

I don’t blame you, it’s a large investment no matter how you look at it.

That’s where the Free 1-Hour Training comes in, and today I’m going to explain how to Free 1-Hour Training compares to the full $997 course.

What Is The Free 1-Hour Training?

When you go to, you’ll find a section on the homepage that offers a Free Webinar called “How I Generate $250,000 A Month Selling Online Courses”.

Course Creator Pro: Free 1-Hour Training

The webinar plays every few minutes so you can catch the one playing closest to the time you visit the website.

What’s Covered In The Free 1-Hour Training?

In short, the free training covers a lot more than I expected.

There is a lot of value and useful information to be derived from the 1-Hour Webinar.

Course Creator Pro

The bulk of the webinar covers Parker and Dakota Walbeck’s 10 secrets to selling a ton of online courses every month.

These 10 secrets are practical and worth your time on their own.

Free 1-Hour Training vs. Full Course

This is the real question: How does it compare to the full course?

The free training has about 30 minutes of real valuable information.

The full course has about 8 hours of real valuable information.

Beyond that, the full course goes into detail on real life examples, step-by-step tutorials, templates, and so much more.

The production quality is the same in the free training as it is in the full course (video is great, audio is great, on-screen graphics are great).

Is The Full Course Worth It?

The full course is expensive but they 100% deliver on their promises.

I’ll even go so far to say that they over-deliver on the full course.

I planned on getting a refund on the course within the 30-day money back guarantee if I was not fully satisfied with my investment. However, after bingeing through the course content, I was blown away by how much I was learning so quickly.

Further, I made over $6,000 in the first week of launching my online course… 

This covered my investment in the course by a mile.

The Private Facebook Group continues to be one of my favorite perks of getting Course Creator Pro because I get value from the group daily.

Other students are posting questions with valuable answers, results from advertising tests, asking for feedback, and general motivation to continue growing your business.


My recommendation for anyone thinking about getting Course Creator Pro is to watch the Free 1-Hour Training first, then see how you feel about the full course purchase.

With the 30-day money back guarantee on the full course purchase, you really can’t go wrong. However, I still think it’s a good idea to watch the free training first because it can only benefit you.

I hope that helps you decide of Course Creator Pro is right for you!


Hi, I'm Greg. In May of 2019, I bought Course Creator Pro to grow my business. Ever since then, I've been testing the course material and successfully creating, and selling, online courses. I've learned from real-life experience what works and what doesn't. This is the site where I share everything I've learned.

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