Course Creator Pro Review

If you’re thinking about joining Course Creator Pro then stick around for this review because I’m going to give my honest opinion on this $997 course.

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Is It Worth It?

Right off the bat this is one of the best courses that I have ever personally enrolled in but the real question here is, “is this course right for you?”

Throughout this review I think you’ll be able to find out. First things first, we have to be on the same page of what this course is, what the purpose is, and what’s included.

What’s In The Course?

Course Creator Pro focuses specifically on creating, hosting, marketing, advertising, and then scaling your own online courses.

Once you enroll in the course, you have lifetime access, and in addition to over 60 lectures on how to do this with online courses, you also get discounts on gear and software (most notably is 60% off Adobe Creative Cloud).

My Favorite Benefit

My favorite part of being in this course is there’s a private Facebook group that all paying members get to join. This is where I personally think a ton of the value comes from because it’s ongoing every day there’s new conversations, there’s new posts, and this is the only place that you can get certain questions about these topics answered. 

Additionally in the Facebook Group, you get tests and results from other students on their advertising and marketing.

Who Course Creator Pro Is For

I definitely recommend this course to anyone who already has at least a little bit of experience with online teaching, or in-person teaching.

Personally, before enrolling in this course, I already had experience teaching courses on Udemy.

Now these are very different types of courses; The courses on Udemy are considered low-ticket courses. Now what Course Creator Pro focuses on are high-ticket courses.

These generally start around $100-$1000.

With the help of Course Creator Pro, I was able to put together my first high-ticket course.

Who Course Creator Pro Is NOT For

Now this almost goes without saying, but I definitely do not recommend this course to someone who is a complete beginner with no teaching experience. This might be a little bit too much right off the bat if you’re someone that fits that description.

Course Review

Now I really want to get into my honest personal opinion of this $997 course.

First things first, this course comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

When I was enrolling, I had full intentions of taking advantage of this 30 day money back guarantee if I needed to. If I wasn’t completely blown away with this course, and I didn’t think it was worth $997, I was going to take advantage of that within the first 30 days.

However, after watching this content for the first week, I realized that this single course was the best investment that I’ve ever made in self education.

As soon as you start looking into self-hosting a high-ticket course, there is so much to know and so many options.

Before Course Creator Pro, I probably could have figured it out, but I would have messed up so many things and wasted thousands of dollars.

Course Creator Pro shows you what works, and what doesn’t work, and explains why.

There are different hosting platforms you can use to self host your course, there are both advantages and disadvantages these things are hard to find on the internet, but in this course it just lays it out from experience.

Facebook Ads Section

The icing on the cake, and the thing that really made this course worth every bit of the enrollment fee for me, was that these guys have spent over half a million dollars in facebook advertising and in this course they show what works what didn’t work.

They compare their campaigns thousands of dollars in campaigns and they show you how to set them up properly to get the best return on investment on your facebook ads.

I have personally spent tens of thousands of dollars already on Facebook Ads before this course and I’ve been getting solid returns and profiting from my campaigns but after watching what they’ve done with half a million dollars of trial and error I’ve been able to go through my campaigns and optimize them even further.

The Facebook Ads section of this course in itself has probably saved me tens maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars and Facebook ad spend that I would have spent over the next few years.

Private Facebook Group

The last thing that really sealed the deal for me was the private Facebook group.

I had never been in a premium course private Facebook group before, but now that I’m in this one I have learned so much just from this group and once you’re in this group you’re in this group forever.

I’ve found that some of the questions and the answers in this group I haven’t been able to find anywhere else and what’s really cool is a lot of people are sharing their results they’re trying certain things and posting and results of how it worked.

Whether that’s Facebook Ads, webinars, or certain types of videos, these tests and results I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

In the past, I’ve had to try these things myself to see the results so having access to this information has been extremely helpful.

This course is absolutely the best resource you can have to guide you through the process of creating a high-ticket course.

Overall Opinion

Like I said before, if you’re worried about the expensive enrollment fee (like I was) just know that you have the 30-day money-back guarantee.

I’m telling you from experience, this course will not only pay for itself, but it’ll save you tens, or hundreds, of thousands of dollars in ad spend down the road.

I’ll link the course here: Course Creator Pro

If you’re ready for a course like this and you do decide to sign up I’ll see you in the Facebook group and I’ll probably be talking with you there!

Not ready to enroll? You can start with their Free 1-Hour Course Creator Pro Training.


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